I wish I was a better mother to you Storm...but time has passed and you are grown up now...but still I am very sorry for what I have done. I just hope you will not be like me to your kits."
-Swift Owl apologizing to her oldest son in The Star Path
Swiftstar is a light gray she-cat. She has darker gray swirls on her fur that look like the wind. Her eyes are light green like the color of a leaf in the sunshine.

Personality Edit

Swiftstar is a calm respecting she-cat. She respects other clan's borders but when a cat strays on she will tell them to leave with a warning. But before that, she was a mean, evil, and unkind cat that killed intruders that did not leave and she even kicked out her brother when his leg was trampled over by a monster. She was so mean that she caused the very first battle ever. She also said very horrible things to her firstborn son like, "You shouldn't even exist!" or "Fine leave but don't come back!" But that all changed when she met this new cat named Fox. He was gentle and kind and they eventually became mates. Now today Swiftstar is a respected and honored leader of Swiftclan.

History Edit

Swift Owl was a young adventurous she-cat when she lived in the arctic lands. She was one of the cats to choose to leave and find another place. She journeyed for a long time until she reached the soon to be clan's territory. She liked the idea of being in a forest so she and some other cats went to make a camp in the forest. But one night there was a storm and a tree branch was shot by lightning and it killed her mate, Falling Leaves. She had her kits during the storm but all of them were lost except one. She later caused the First Battle at the fourtrees causing many cats to die. Later she met this cat named Fox and she became mates with him. That caused her to start a new life and a good leadership

Kin Edit

Mother: Rain Fur

Sister: Nightspots

Brothers: DarkcloudSpikerockCold Ice

Mates: Falling Leaves, Foxclaw

Daughters: DapplewindApplebranch, Oakstar

Sons: StormstarRedclaw

Niece: Black Feathers

Nephews: Shadowy WaterFrosty Air

Grandson: Barkfoot

Granddaughter: Amberwing

Nine Lives Ceremony Edit

First life: Falling Leaves

Second life: Unnamed kits

Third life: Clouds

Fourth life: Cold Ice

Fifth life: Broken Branch

Sixth life: Rain Fur

Seventh life: Howling Wind

Eighth life: Storm Cloud

Ninth life: Frostwatcher