"Why Swift Owl? Why did you have to kill my mother?!?!" -Nut Fur swept with grief in the first bloodshed
Nutfur is a cream brown tom. He has darker stripes along his body and he has white paws, chest and, tail tip. His face has a few darker brown spots on his head. His eyes are light amber like the color of honey.

Personality Edit

He is mostly nice at times but unless you take his favorite prey from the pile. When you do that his grumpy self will remain there for the rest of the day. He has to spend less time with his sister now since she has kits but she can still talk to Stormstar because the leader and medicine cat can be very close at times.

History Edit

He started out in Dark Night's camp but when the cat spirits told them to move into groups he went to Swift Owl's camp despite Swift Owl killed his mother. A few days into being in Swift Owl's camp he and a couple other cats did not like Swift Owl's rules so they left. Pretty soon Storm created his own group. When Dark Cloud was getting really sick Nutfur ran into a cat named Shale. He said he could help Dark Cloud from dying. So Nutfur took Shale to Dark Cloud and healed his sickness forever. Soon Nutfur became interested in healing and he became the very first medicine cat of Stormclan. His death is unknown.

Kin Edit

Mother: Broken Branch

Father: Wolfstar

Sister: Thundertail

Foster brother: Stormstar

Aunt: Foxfang

Nephews: Barkfoot

Nieces: Amberwing

Facts Edit

It is confirmed that Mistystorm is a descendant of Nutfur.

Nutfur is a tabby though he has spots on his head.

Nutfur has always hated Swiftstar after she killed their mother, this is why he left for Stormclan.