Stormclan Edit

Leader: Flamestar- bright orange tom with blue eyes

Deputy: Yellowtail- white tom with a golden tail and green eyes Apprentice, Cloudypaw

Medicine cat: Dappleleaf- light gray and brown she-cat with spots on her back and amber eyes

Warriors Edit

Doveheart- blue-gray tom with blue eyes Apprentice, Stonepaw

Scorchclaw- reddish tabby tom with very long claws and amber eyes Apprentice, Crowpaw

Snowstorm- strong white tom Apprentice, Mistypaw

Shadestripe- black tom with a white stripe slashing through his back and green eyes

Shorttail- fluffy tabby tom with a small tail and yellow eyes

Pouncewind- gray tabby tom with amber eyes

Mothpelt- light brown she-cat with darker stripes and green eyes

Squirrelfur- light orange-brown she-cat

Apprentices Edit

Cloudypaw- fluffy gray and brown tom with yellow eyes

Stonepaw- gray tom with dark spots everywhere and blue eyes

Crowpaw- almost black tom with silky fur and yellow eyes

Mistypaw- silver gray she-cat with white stripes to give her fur the look of a misty forest and blue eyes

Queens Edit

Icefur- fluffy white and blueish she-cat with green eyes, mother of Frostkit, Petalkit, Bramblekit, and Thistlekit

Cloverface- Pretty white and brown tabby she-cat mother of Sootkit, Cloverkit, Smallkit, and Rosekit

Silverflower- silvery gray and brown she-cat; expecting Scorchclaw's kits

Spottail- a bit old she-cat with a spotted tail

Elders Edit

Oneear-old tom with a missing ear

Bigtail- cream tom with a very fluffy tail

Dapplepelt- old tabby tom with black spots on his back

Spottedpelt- a light brown she-cat with a spotted back and tail

Noeyes- Blind she-cat with tabby fur

Lilytail-Old orange tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Nightclan Edit

Leader: Deadstar a gray tabby tom with a dead tail

Deputy: Redfoot a cream tom with red feet

Medicine Cat: Coldnose a tabby tom with blue eyes that has a cough that never goes away

Warriors Edit

Stubtail- light tabby tom with half of his tail missing Apprentice, Fartpaw

Stone- big gray tabby tom with blue eyes Apprentice, Streampaw

Fangface- a battle-scarred tom with green eyes Apprentice, Tinypaw

Shadowpelt- solid black tom with an injured leg

Apprentices Edit

Fartpaw- Brown tom with brown eyes

Streampaw- Gray tom with fur that looks like it is wet

Tinypaw- small black and white tom with yellow eyes

Queens Edit

Morningcloud- yellow and orange she-cat mother of, Marshkit and Dawnkit

Petalflower- Bright orange and slight pink she-cat mother of deceased kits

Elders Edit

Sootfur-small gray tom

Whirlclan Edit

Leader: Emberstar

Rainclan Edit

Leader: Jaggedstar

Deputy: Pineheart

Cats outside clans Edit

Loners Edit

Whitefang- old gray and white she-cat

Ivy- silver tabby she-cat

Kittypets Edit

Spots- black and white tom with yellow eyes

Stormy- unusual silver, gray, and dark gray tom with blue eyes