Stormclan Edit

Leader: Flamestar -old ginger tom with white paws and a graying muzzle
Deputy: Echoheart -unusual gray, dark gray, silver, and white tabby tom
Apprentice, Snowpaw
Medicine Cat(s): Frostpelt -silver and blue she-cat
Warriors: Snowstorm -big white tom
Apprentice, Petalpaw

Shadestripe -dark gray tom with a white stripe slashing through his back
Apprentice, Cloverpaw

Icefur -fluffy frosty blue she-cat

Cloverface -pretty white and brown tabby she-cat

Shorttail -fluffy tabby tom with a short tail
Apprentice, Skypaw

Squirrelfur -light orange-brown she-cat
Apprentice, Thistlepaw

Bramblefur -tabby tom with lighter stripes

Gorsepelt -fluffy gray and brown tom with amber eyes
Apprentice, Sootpaw

Mistystorm -silver she-cat with white stripes
Apprentices: Skypaw -white tabby tom with black spots

Snowpaw -fluffy white tom

Petalpaw -cream and blue she-cat

Thistlepaw -white and greenish tom

Cloverpaw -brown tabby she-cat with white splotches

Sootpaw -light gray tom with darker patches
Queens: Silverflower -silver, gray, and brown she-cat mother of, Russetkit and Hawkkit

Mothpelt -light brown she-cat mother of, Mintkit, Ashkit, and Riverkit

Spottail -old she-cat with spots on her back
Elders: Noeyes -old blind she-cat with tabby fur and a graying muzzle

Bigtail -cream brown tom with a fluffy tail

Spottedtail -old light tabby she-cat with a spotted back and tail

Nightclan Edit

Leader: Scorchstar- reddish tabby tom with long claws
Deputy: Redfoot- cream and white tom with ginger paws
Medicine Cat(s): Coldnose- tabby tom with a cough that never goes away
Warriors: Tinycloud- small black and white tom with yellow eyes

Shadeflower- black she-cat with green eyes

Stone- big gray tom

Flamefur- light and dark orange tabby she-cat
Apprentice, Pinepaw

Brokentooth- Blue-black tabby tom
Apprentice, Alderpaw

Flamewind- gray and orange tom

Birchfur- tabby tom with yellow stripes
Apprentices: Pinepaw- black and pale orange tom with green eyes

Alderpaw- dark orange tabby tom with amber eyes
Queens: Morningcloud- yellow and orange she-cat

Longpoppy- ginger she-cat with darker spots on her tail mother of, Adderkit and Cloudkit
Elders: None

Whirlclan Edit

Leader: Emberstar- black and orange tom
Deputy: Brokenjaw- dark gray tom with a broken jaw
Medicine Cat(s): Branchface- brown tom with darker spots
Warriors: Dustclaw- gray and brown tom

Shredear- tabby tom with shredded ears

Tornwhisker- white and brown tabby tom

Sorrelwing- tortoiseshell she-cat
Apprentice, Vinepaw

Windstorm- fluffy light gray tom
Apprentice, Sparrowpaw

Spiderfoot- black and white tom

Cloudpelt- white she-cat

Dawnflower- peach she-cat
Apprentices: Vinepaw- tawny she-cat with white spots

Sparrowpaw- white and brown dappled tom
Queens: Sootfoot-gray tabby she-cat with white spots expecting Brokenjaw's kits
Elders: None

Rainclan Edit

Leader: Jaggedstar-dark blue-gray tom with a twisted foot
Deputy: Lionfoot-golden colored she-cat with white paws
Medicine Cat(s): Dustfur-brownish gray fluffy tom
Warriors: Whiteclaw-brown tom with white stripes

Emberfur-gray tom with ginger patches

Rubblebelly-tabby tom with a white underbelly
Apprentice, Patchpaw

Mothfoot-dark brown she-cat with lighter stripes

Dewfoot-blue, white, and a bit of gray she-cat

Darkpelt-solid black tom with yellow eyes
Apprentice, Firepaw

Lightstep-white and ginger she-cat

Stonestripe- gray tom with darker spots
Apprentices: Patchpaw-light brown she-cat with darker stripes

Firepaw-Bright ginger tom with blue eyes and white paws
Queens: Leafpelt- white she-cat with black patches expecting kits and foster mothering, Thunderkit and Flowerkit
Elders: Bluepool-old gray she-cat with dark stripes

Cats outside clans Edit

Ivy-silvery gray she-cat what lives on a farm near the woods (loner)

Crowpaw-almost black tom with silky fur and yellow eyes (loner)

Tabby- white and gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes (kittypet)

Spots- white tom with black patches and yellow eyes (kittypet)